Mission: Native species


Research Question

Where are Maine's native species? What happens when invasive species move in?

You're invited

The Vital Signs community is documenting Maine's native species. You can too! Report where you find native species in your favorite pond, saltmarsh, forest, roadside, or special corner of Maine.

Mission steps

1. Print an native species ID card
2. Print a Freshwater Species & Habitat Survey datasheet
3. Go out and look for the native species
4. Go to your My Vital Signs page to add your "found" or "not found" observation
5. Check out the Analysis Missions to figure out how your observation fits and what it means

Why this Mission matters

Maine is renowned for its varied and relatively untouched coastal, freshwater, and upland ecosystems. In addition to gaining an intimate appreciation of place, familiarity with our native species will help us catch new species introductions or changes to local habitats more quickly. Should an invasive species establish itself, having a baseline understanding of the native population will allow important insight into how the species influences and changes its new environment.