How citizen scientists collect data and put it on the website

    Follow along this step-by-step guide as citizen scientists Morgan and Harry collect data and put it on the website. Skim it to get comfy with Vital Signs, or print it out and use it as a reference during your own investigation.

    Download the guide below under Documents.
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vitalteach, Tutorials: How citizen scientists collect data and put it on the website, Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Vital Signs program, 2010
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Hi Folks,
I find this instruction sheet invaluable. I'm still looking for the teacher "make a team name" instruction but I'll find that step!

The instructions seem very kid and teacher friendly. As I cruise through what the students will need to do, and what I should have "top of mind" it brings back a lot of memories - and those little activities such as quality check.

boggyplant (Joan)

Here's the teacher-focused tutorial I think you're referring to that shows how teachers create accounts for their student teams:

Glad you're finding these tutorials useful! If you have ideas or wishes for others, please send them our way (